A Reflection on 2016


2016 was a weird year in an amazing number of senses…

Over and over again every single little thing was blown up into a sensationalist tragedy.

Yet when it came to the big things, the actual tests of people’s characters, they failed spectacularly.



We live in a world of silliness.

A world of pain, tragedy, and disappointment.

And yet there’s always hope… despite everything… there’s always a shred of hope somewhere out there.


We all know that we have to work on the horrible things in this world. We all know. You don’t need me repeating all of those things to you.

But maybe you need a little help finding one of those shreds of hope…

So… what do we have to be hopeful for?


There’s the advancement of driver-less technologies which will allow millions of people to live a better life. Older individuals will have easier access to the world, the disabled will be enabled, the young free from the death that would’ve met them on the road of the past. It is a big deal. You may not realize it… but for millions… this is life changing.

The continuing economic improvement in America. We’ve all suffered for nearly a decade from the Great Recession… and we’re finally getting on to a firmer footing. You can snicker¬†about capitalism all you like… but nothing in this life has ever benefited so many. And it’s going to be nice when we all begin to enjoy those benefits again…

The continuing explosion of culture that people don’t even see occurring. We’re getting more diverse and well-funded shows from new media companies like Amazon Prime and Netflix. There are more pieces of literature being published than ever before. Everybody has ever greater access to a wide variety of art-forms through platforms like Etsy, Amazon, Netflix, Imagekind, etc. And while competition is fierce as hell and it’s hard as hell to be any kind of artist… I can only see improvement for us all in the future. Culture is exploding and the appreciation of makers growing.


It’s easy to lose hope.

But you can find some hope again… a little shred here and there…

Our world has potential to be something better… something more.


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