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Bill Murray is Still Bill Murray

Bill Murray’s personal life just isn’t any of your business and liking his performances does not equate to endorsing how he supposedly treats people.

First off, I have no idea how anybody ever got the impression that Bill Murray is the most stable man to walk this earth. I have always gotten the distinct impression that he is a sad and somewhat angry man.

Now I think it’s pretty weird some people believe Bill Murray is supposed to be some kind of paragon of virtue. Not once have I ever seen anybody say “wow I wish I were more like Bill Murray!” or “Wow I wish I had the moral character of Bill Murray!”. I have only ever heard people talk about how they either hate or love his performances.

Why on earth can you expect a man who obviously struggles to maintain a stable life to be the kindest and most moral┬áman ever? How is that a fair expectation of a man you don’t know, let alone your friends, or yourself? Who are you to say that he should be a role model? Why is he supposed to be a role model while you yourself steal makeup from Target? Why do you get to judge everybody else then claim it’s wrong for other’s to judge you?

Why do you think enjoying Bill Murray’s work somehow equates to condoning his treatment of others? Why does it matter if I like his performance in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou? How does me liking his performance harm anybody? You are right, Bill Murray may very well financially benefit from people liking his work… but that is merely because people are paying for art they enjoy. They are not paying Bill Murray to hurt somebody.

Ultimately, it’s just none of our business. Not mine, not yours, only Bill Murray and the people in his life get to decide this stuff.

We are all just whispers in the wind.

Just don’t think Bill Murray is stable, moral, or some kind of godly role model.


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