Mark Wahlberg Wants to Make a Dumb Movie

Here’s a story… Mark Wahlberg wants to make a movie about the Boston Marathon bombings and nobody likes the idea.

Why nobody likes the idea of a movie, to be named Patriot’s Day, should be obvious to you for a million and one reasons.

I’ll list some out though…

  • “Too soon”
  • Profiteering. Using tragedy and trauma to sell tickets has been done over and over again. Don’t worry though, I’m sure they’ll pledge some of their earnings to victims.
  • Nationalism. Patriot’s Day? Really?
  • Mark Wahlberg himself. He’s never seemed like a great fellow.
  • Oh did I mention using a traumatic event for personal gain?
  • Timing of announcement seems, again, like profiteering.

Honestly, for a “Boston guy” it doesn’t sound like he cares much about the people of Boston.

It’s not his trauma or story, yet he thinks he’s the one who should tell it.


About 11 percent of children who attended the 2013 Boston Marathon have reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder…

The study also found that exposure to the manhunt was more strongly associated with children’s overall mental health problems than exposure to the attack itself. The findings show that the “reach of terror and associated fear” is not confined to the attack itself

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