A Note on Pink Ink


You know… originally I thought that it’d be best to not mention politicians or politics on Pink Ink.

I mean… why bring up such a standard subject that’s covered by a million and one news companies already on a site that is supposed to be about the subjects that nobody thinks to publish because they’re weird or just a niche. And on top of that, why bring up something that so frequently spirals down into hateful political tribalism.

That’s how things started for me… I went on to post the weird stuff arrogant people make fun of or don’t think about and people have come to read that stuff.

But, maybe 6 months ago, I began to get frustrated.

Over and over again I saw people threatening free speech in one form or another. And while the lawyer folks were and are on top of that thing and trying their damnedest to make sure our constitutional rights aren’t trampled on… they’re lawyers.

In a general sense, artists are so wrapped up in their own little political art worlds that they don’t branch out and engage with others… the normalos… the norms… the normal folk. They don’t read obscure news from the lawyer folk.

So what I saw was a community ignoring a very real threat to their livelihoods.

And that really irked me.

So I thought “fine I’ll just do the thing and start highlighting some free speech issues along with all the other shit I write“.

And I continued down that rabbit hole… and… well… here we are.

I look at my site and I see a bunch of articles concerning one bureaucrat or another. Donald Trump’s pettiness¬†continues to be a recurring bit.

What seems to be a mess of politics now resides on my site.

But you know what… it really isn’t politics.

Those articles are highlights of the continuing assault on our constitutional rights, highlights of shit ethics and behavior in the world of art, and questions of culture.

I have no political affiliation and have no interest in playing political games with you… and while I will continue to talk about things that seem political… I want to be clear that I am not approaching the world from a political standpoint.

I care about people, I care about art, and I do not want to see either of them hurt.

So please bear with me if those kinds of articles aren’t your cup of tea.


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