Akira Kurosawa Films That You Need to See

Akira Kurosawa was a Japanese director who created some of Japan’s most popular films. He reminds me of a Japanese version of John Ford.
Just like how John Ford used John Wayne a lot in his films, Akira Kurosawa used the glorious actor Toshiro Mifune… who himself feels like Japan’s John Wayne.

  1. Madadayo
    Madadayo tells the story of a professor’s life before and after World War II. It’s sad, slow, and interesting.
  2. Ran
    Akira Kurosawa’s adaptation of King Lear. Try to watch the Blu-ray version. It’s ridiculously colorful for a 1980’s Japanese film.
  3. Throne of Blood
    Throne of Blood just happens to be another adaption from Shakespeare… this time it’s Macbeth.
  4. Yojimbo and Sanjuro
    A two-fer. These films follow the ronin Sanjuro on his little escapades. They’re both actually a bit humorous.

Girl gets older – Popular Media is Shocked and Expresses this by Sexualizing Her

Bindi Irwin Is Growing Up, as Demonstrated by These 6 Pics

Now I’m not actually going to dig into the comments people have made… But needless to say they’re nothing that needs to be said aloud.

But yes, let’s totally obsess over a 16 year old girl who’s father tragically died because wow she’s older.

We’re all older. No need to comment on it.

Ummmmm… seriously? Steve Irwin?

So over at some random website, they made some terrible terrible listicle clickbait.

10 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Australian

Number 7: Steve Irwin

Because two entire generations of children didn’t grow up watching Steve Irwin AT A ZOO IN AUSTRALIA.
Steve Irwin though…
Remember all the beautiful things Steve Irwin showed us.
Remember the passion for animals he had.
Remember how you went from being scared of a snake to understanding that it just wants to be left alone.
Remember, respect the life around you.
And remember somebody who helped you learn that respect.