Simpsons Lovers VS Fox

The Misery of Watching the Simpsons on the Internet

If you’re like me (and you are because you’re reading this article) you spend a nonzero amount of time each week  looking for the perfect Simpsons gif, clip, or quote to deploy at a moment’s notice, thereby proving to whoever you’re chatting with that you’re with “it,” even if those jerks changed what “it” is.

And, if you’re like me, you’ve probably been frustrated with the internet’s infuriating lack of clean Simpsons clips.
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Broad City

Broad City

Broad City, a show on the Comedy Central network is a mixture of Workaholics, Girls, and 2 Broke Girls type humor to create a hilarious upbeat comedy show. The show follows two women, Abbi and Ilana living in New York making even the smallest events in their lives hilarious. The show is a refreshing take on sitcoms of today. Hilarious, weird and a little bit hard to explain Broad City is a show that just works, so give it a watch!

Summer television binge

Since it’s summer what’s better than binge watching some TV shows? I try to stay up to date with television shows so I decided to write a short list of shows that anyone could enjoy. The majority of these shows will be on Netflix but you could find alternative ways to watching them. Hope you enjoy and happy watching!

– Game of Thrones
– The Wire
– Breaking Bad (on Netflix)
– House of Cards (on Netflix)
– Arrested Development (on Netflix)
– Portlandia (on Netflix)
– The Inbetweeners (on Netflix)
– Peep Show (on Netflix)
– Top Gear (on Netflix)
– Parks and Recreation (on Netflix)
– The IT Crowd (on Netflix)
– Luther (on Netflix)
– Rake (on Netflix)
– 30 Rock (on Netflix)