The Dark One Being all Defensive and Shit

Fool! I have never been bound!
I stood at Lews Therin’s shoulder when he did the deed that named him.
It was I who told him to kill his wife and his children and all his blood.
And every living person who loved him or whom he loved.
It was I who gave him the moment of sanity to know what he had done.

– Ba’alzamon, jackass, Eye of the World

Down to Goblin Town

Down to Goblin Town as sung by the Great Goblin…
This song is only in the extended edition, and not the theatrical, version of the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
The Great Goblin is of course voiced by Barry Humphries.
The song is different from the song the Goblins sing as they take the Dwarves down into Goblin town in the Hobbit book.