Privacy Policy

Pink Ink uses outside services that collect information from the visitors of our website. Basic non personal data is collected such as which posts have been read and how many times. It’s part of WordPress’ JetPack suite of tools. Both Google Adsense and Google analytics have been removed from this  website because of their invasive nature and wildly inappropriate policies and behavior.


Personal data / anonymized data is gathered by:

Us, to fulfill an order from the store. Your name and address are handled on site but your financial details are not handled by us and are instead handled by a financial institution's secure checkout page.

WordPress, as part of the JetPack suite of tools. 

Anonymized data might be gathered by:

A CDN service (currently CloudFlare, but subject to change)

WordPress Ads, another part of WordPress' Jetpack tools.


These services collect and store information from the users of our site. By using our site you’re agreeing to allow this information to be collected and stored. We do not share this information with outside parties and do our best to keep everything private.


Cookies are used in various forms inherently by WordPress. I believe that every function that uses a cookie is solely for convenience’s sake (such as saving your username).


If you’d like to know how these outside services handle any information they may or may not gather please contact us and we’ll do our best to refer you to the right people.