Cardassia and Vaadwaur

Anybody else notice the similarities between the Vaadwaur (Voyager) and the Cardassians (DS9)?

They look similar, they share some cultural elements such as an inherent desire to conquer as well as an obsession with composure in the face of danger, and they are both facetious with others.

Do you think that was accidental or was it more along the lines of Voyager’s writers “borrowing” from DS9?

One thought on “Cardassia and Vaadwaur”

  1. One of the reasons why they probably look similar is because I can’t remember what episode it was in the Next Generation Star Trek but there wasn’t episode that shows that all of the races in the Star Trek universe are all connected and because of one master race that seeded the universe billions of years ago and created every race from its own genome in the Star Trek universe and that’s probably why the Cardassions and vaadwaur look somewhere

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