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A Follow Up to My Follow Up on Peter Thiel

peter theil is back at it again with his… to me… misguided view of the world…

So, to refresh you on what I talked about  before now concerning Peter Thiel!

I recently wrote about Peter Thiel’s funding of lawsuits against the publication Gawker… I called him a nincompoop.

I called him a nincompoop because instead of offering a counter-narrative to Gawker’s sensationalism, instead of trying to convince others to not visit / support such an unscrupulous website, he instead decided to use his power and financial resources to abuse the court system into getting what he wanted… Gawker gone, dead, ended.

Well, the news is he’s gotten what he wanted… at least in a sense. Gawker has filed for Chapter 11 with plans to be bought by an independent company and comeback in a new form.

Read the whole thing here:

Well Peter Thiel is back at it again! Except this time he brought Donald Trump along to fuck things up with. Let’s hear from TechCrunch…

Thiel pledged to back Trump as a California delegate back in May and now plans to take the stage at the Quicken Loans Arena tonight to make history. Although Thiel and Trump seem to differ on several key policy issues, it’s easy to see how they might share the same core belief — that they’re using the power their money has given them to stand up to a powerful establishment.


I’m going to ignore the rest of the article because Thiel is a free man and is entitled to all the stupid thoughts he wants, just like you and I.

What struck me as wildly weird…

Is that both Donald Trump and Peter Thiel have used lawsuits as a way to punish and silence the people they don’t like. (Also another weird coincidence, both Trump and Hogan have corn-silk hair)

Donald Trump is renowned for suing everybody under the sun while, as I mentioned above, Peter Thiel has used his financial resources to drive Gawker into bankruptcy… (subsequently raising serious concerns about free speech)


I think that says something about their personalities… the fact that they choose to sue instead of engage with people…


What that says is up for debate… Unlike some websites, my comment section is still open… feel free to share your thoughts.

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