A Note on Purchasing Flower Bulbs through Amazon

Everyone loves the convenience of Amazon… so much so that they forget to check other websites to see if they can get the same or an even better product for less.

For a product like a camera lens, which has strict manufacturer set pricing guidelines, you’ll never really get a significantly better price from a different seller.

But for products like seeds, flower bulbs, natural fertilizers, and soil amendments you can easily get the same or better product for significantly less than you’re paying on Amazon…

This is because most bulb and seed sellers use coupons and clearance sales to either convince customers to buy or get rid of inventory before it dies off… even when the sale is fake and really just lowers the price to the ‘real’ selling price… it’s often still less than what you’d be charged on Amazon.

Eden Brothers

A good example is Eden Brothers… you can almost always get free shipping from them if you order above a certain amount (not hard to do) and on top of that there is almost always a 20% off coupon for one product or another!

All you gotta do is sign up for their emails or just google “eden brothers coupon”.

Eden Brother’s prices are already competitive and with a coupon it’s often  tough to find anything cheaper.


Dutch Bulbs is already a bulk seller of flower bulbs and already has pretty good prices… but they’re an even more aggressive discounter than Eden Brothers!

You’ll often be able to get a 25% off coupon or better.

Today it’s $50 off $200+… so you’ll save about 25%.

That means that instead of paying $3 – $5 per lily bulb on Amazon you can snag a bunch for about or less than $2 a piece. Some of their Asiatic lilies are even priced at 25 for $21.50. So less than a dollar each.


Don’t just buy your bulbs and seeds off Amazon… look around! There are a bunch of reputable bulb and seed sellers who sell for a lot less than anything you can get off of Amazon.

As a reminder, I am not compensated for these posts in any way and do not have a business relationship with either Amazon or any sellers mentioned. I also do not know 100% that the Amazon sellers mentioned are explicit scams, all I know is their behavior is incredibly suspicious and genuinely looks like a scam.

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