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When You Accidentally Prove the Argument You Want to Disprove

Now here is a tweet I love… *sarcasm alert*

You know…

I’ve always thought that engaging in us versus them thinking is always beneficial and totally not an absolutely terrible way to engage with other people.

I mean… it totally isn’t childish to go “I DONT LIVE IN A BUBBLE YOU LIVE IN A BUBBLE YOURE STOOOOPID AN I HATE U”.

But in all seriousness, the implication that Hollywood is somehow a paragon of virtue and that art somehow inherently makes somebody a good person is absurd.

Weinstein and Spacey have some stories to tell you if you don’t think Hollywood is trash.

People live in bubbles. That’s just how it is. People have limited knowledge and cannot be expected to know everything about everything everywhere. It is not fair to expect that everybody else in the world is supposed to know and care about every single thing that you do.

And you know what, if you really want to start to understand the world around you… if you really want to get through the bubbles of the world… you need to look inward and accept that you don’t know everything and that other people can teach you things.

Us versus them gets you nowhere.

Improve on yourself.

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