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Alien Sharks – The Shark Week Trilogy



Shark week 2016 featured a number of deep-sea shark themed shows… the three main ones and the sharks you can see in them are listed below.


Alien Sharks

With Dr Greg Stone, we go to the coast of Japan and dive deep deep into the ocean in a submersible.

And what do they do down there in a submersible? Use a baby sperm whale who washed up dead on a beach as bait of course!

There’s some false drama, but that’s to be expected for shark week.


  • Blunt nosed six gill, approximately 20 feet long, seemingly the first animal on the whale. Huge bright greenish blue eyes.
  • Roughskin dogfish
  • Pacific sleeper shark, looks incredibly goofy
  • Goblin shark
  • Frilled Shark and it’s 300 teeth
  • A pair of six gills investigation jellyfish lure
  • Megamouth shark, only 50 (often dead) have been reported since initially being found in the 70’s. Finally catch megamouth on camera.


Alien Sharks: Return to the Abyss

And we then return to the abyss with Greg Stone and Paul Clerkin… Where we see:

  • Big eyed raggedtooth, only 15 specimens
  • Gulper shark, lowest reproduction rate of any known shark on the planet.
  • Giant Pacific sleeper.
  • Kitefin shark
  • Cookie cutter shark
  • (Chimera) Ghost Shark
  • Frilled Shark (New footage but no new information)
  • Southern lantern shark
  • Megamouth shark 1976 (no new footage)
  • Goblin Shark (New and old footage)
  • Long nosed velvet dogfish with her beautiful black skin
  • Neon flying squid (Paul gave him squid CPR)
  • Thresher shark
  • Bumpy tailed raggedtooth

I guess they included all this extra footage because they didn’t really do anything like last time


Alien Sharks 3

Greg Stone commenting again, Paul Clerkin, with footage from three separate expeditions..

They start in Taiwan with Paul Clerkin and his mentor David Ebert. They talk about the new ghost shark Paul found in Alien 2. After Megamouth was shown on television 98 sightings have ever been documented.

  • Frilled Shark again, no new footage.
  • Pocket shark.
  • Gulper shark
  • Sharp tailed mola Sun fish
  • A dead megamouth shark caught by another fisherman.
  • Lantern shark
  • Viper shark (no footage, just animation)
  • Swell shark
  • Hagfish and their slime
  • Sarcastic fringe head
  • Giant mantaray
  • Goblin Shark
  • Isopod (can go for years without eating)
  • Smooth hound shark

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