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Art Consultant or Fraud Consultant???

another episode of ‘the art world behaving badly’ has just aired…

An art consultant made a whoopsie…

A former art consultant to Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art was busted Thursday for allegedly evading taxes on $3.5 million in inheritance.

Lacy Doyle, who worked for MOMA in the 1980s and now runs her own art consultancy, ArtView NYC, got her hands on $4 million in 2003 when her father died, according to the Manhattan US Attorney’s office.


She obviously hasn’t been convicted of anything yet… and who knows, if we’re being wildly optimistic, it could all just be one big misunderstanding.

*deep sigh*

I’d just like to say that while this is only indirectly related to the art world… it does show character. It does show that the people who you meet in the fancy pants art world are the same as anybody else… they can be fallible, they can be cruel, they can be ignorant, they can be greedy. This is one episode of many that should highlight that fact to you.

Let go of any romantic notions you have concerning the world of art…

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