Baiting Animals for Your Instagram Pics is a Real Dickish Thing to Do

You should definitely go read the article…

But I’d just like to rephrase the general thought line for you because I think it might be helpful…

What’s trying to be said is that culture and knowledge hasn’t kept up with the advance of technology.

So while tons of people have the equipment necessary to go out and do these things… they don’t have the experience… the respect… for the activity they’re engaging in. They just pay some people some money and think everything is dandy. The baiters aren’t going to mention the negatives of what they’re doing.

One of my own photographs. Sometimes you simply can’t get the best picture of animals without disturbing them. You have to accept that and just do what you can.

Frankly, I personally question the genuineness of people who love nature and animals and yet do things like try to bait them or pet them. If you love it, please learn about it. 

Regardless, petting or baiting wildlife is not appropriate and does not even achieve the most basic goal of nature photography… that is to record the natural world. If you bait an animal, it is no longer engaging in natural behavior, you have perverted the environment for your benefit.

One of my own photos… Mule deer on the mountainside.

You do not need to bait animals to get nice photos.

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