Black Friday is Over – Let See Amazon’s Best Selling Cameras

lots and lots of cameras are going to be under trees this year… 


I see we’re going to have a lot of new photographers entering the world after Christmas!


For fun, let’s take a look at Amazon’s mirrorless and DSLR sales rankings…



For the mirrorless category, Sony came in first. Who could’ve guessed.


The a6000 was the first and second best-selling camera products followed by Panasonic’s Lumix G7. It’s not at all surprising considering that the a6000 was priced very competitively throughout the holiday period and the fact that it’s an E-mount camera… lenses can be used with better camera bodies in future… surely pushed sales up a bit.


What is surprising to me at least in the mirrorless category is that the a5100 took the #5 spot and the A7R III took the #8 spot. The a5100 is quite an old and small camera and doesn’t have the capabilities of really anything else Sony now sells… and the A7R III is an incredibly expensive camera body selling for $3200. Both are oddballs on the list.



For DSLRs it’s easier to guess how things turned out…


Nikon’s D3400 with kit lens came in #1 with Canon’s Rebel T6 coming in at #2. Considering the fact that entire pallets of these lower cost kits sell out at Costcos around the country kind of tells you something.


They’re entry-level cameras, with a lens, priced at a point that makes them a more appropriate gift for a big chunk of people than an A7R III would.


The only thing that is slightly surprising is how well Nikon’s D750 sold. It took the #7 and #9 spots despite retailing for $1500 and $2000.



Well… Merry Christmas to all you new camera owners out there…

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