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Bloomberg and the Business of Star Wars

Head over to Bloomberg for some fancy graphics and meticulous accounting of the use of the force in the Star Wars movies…

Ever since its 1977 cinematic debut, the Force has been strong in popular culture. People with only passing exposure to the Star Wars saga probably have at least a general notion of how the story’s mystical energy works: light sides and dark sides, wizard-like abilities over objects and minds, laser-beam swords. But who is the Force strongest with? Continue to Bloomberg


While I felt the post was pointless… some of you might find it interesting.


But this just emphasizes the business of art all the more!

Bloomberg engaged with art (the Star Wars films) and then they created their own art.

Both make money off of art. Star Wars (Disney) and Bloomberg are both businesses.

Star Wars (Disney) makes its money from the sales of the films (as well as licensed products and games) and Bloomberg makes money from the advertising it displays on its original writing.


The Star Wars economy runs deep… because art is pervasive. It is always with us, part of who we are… just like the force is always with us in the Star Wars universe.

And think! I am making my own art, about Bloomberg’s art, that’s based off of George Lucas’ art!

Art is a seriously complex business that’s so difficult to wrap your head around.



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