Blue Lives Matter! Even the Serial Killing Ones Apparently!

Yeah so this whole “reality” simulation thing really is not going well.

Whoever did the code for this world of ours has messed up big time and needs to do a latey and fix it.

“Border Patrol Agent Arrested, Suspected of Being Serial Killer #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue”

How anyone could seriously tweet “#BlueLivesMatter” after learning that a border patrol agent tried to abduct and kill a woman and has seemingly done that on multiple occasions is just… insane.

But then again, I guess the rule of law matters not to the “BlueLivesMatter” people.

All that matters is their ‘us versus them‘ world view.

Oppress or be oppressed.

Kill or be killed.

That this is the world we live in is absurd.

Update 9/19/2018

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