Canada and Mexico Might Get Trade Exemptions

“NAFTA? What’s that???”



Oh so like… a kind of North American… trade agreement?


Wow if only somebody had thought of that before. I mean, it’s be really helpful if we could trade easily with our closest neighbors… neighbors who behave well and share more in common with America than most other nations… almost like some kind of free trade agreement. That’d be really nice. Everybody involved would be better off!


*coughs* NAFTA


The Trump Administration is far beyond economically illiterate.


The North American Free Trade Agreement is good, trade wars are incredibly stupid, the Trump Administration is doubling down on their own asinine ideas instead of listening to reason. Human arrogance at its finest yeah.


Accepting that you do not know everything, accepting that other people may know more about a subject, a willingness to listen… are important to learning and growing as a person. The Trump Administration as a whole completely lacks those characteristics.

Trade is a difficult subject with a million and one subtleties. It is not easy. There is a reason that there are people whose entire jobs is to figure out how to make trade agreements work. How do you make Californian and Japanese rice farmers happy at the same time? I have no idea. But there are trade negotiators who do.


But nobody is going to listen.


Because the truth, quantifiable facts, do not matter. Other people do not matter. What matters is that this tiny group of people in power get whatever they want whenever they want.


Things are only going to get worse.

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