Canon’s 200mm F2.8L II is Discontinued!

It’s a sad day… It turns out one of my most favorite lenses has been discontinued in Canon’s purge of its legacy lenses. A large number of lenses have been discontinued and reported on… but it seems just like with its photography career, the 200mm F2.8L II has slipped through the cracks.

Introduced in 1996 this lens has served its users well for 20+ years. It was also a very reasonably priced introduction into the Canon L lens world… clocking in at as little as $750. Compare that to the now “fully priced” L lenses that are all clocking in well past $1000.

I’m saddened by the fact that my only 200mm F2.8L II will be my last. It has a death sentence, no possibility of replacement if it breaks. I mean there MIGHT be used examples available still when it does break… but there’s no guarantee.

Anyways… goodbye 200mm F2.8L.

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