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Captain Janeway is an Idiot

Captain Kathryn Janeway is truly the worst captain in Star Trek history and here’s why… Obvious Spoiler Alert.

Her incessant moral bullsquirt gets the crew of Voyager constantly in trouble (more so in the beginning seasons).

Abandoned her crew in the dark void because booohooo she feels bad for getting them trapped in the Delta quadrant.

Janeway whined and cried all the way up into the later seasons about her second in command, Commander Chakotay. Because you know, he has to obsessively obey her and she never has to listen to him because that makes sense???

Despite not wanting to violate Star Fleet directives in the early seasons, Janeway in the final episode violated Star Fleet’s Temporal Prime Directive and went back into the past, altering history, so Voyager could get home earlier. I don’t care if she changed her mind and became wiser or whatever, it’s annoying.

She was pretty mean to the Doctor! What’s that about!?!

Janeway’s compassion is overrated. She only gave second chances to her pet projects. Everybody else, like Maquis crew members, didn’t get second chances.

She never stood up for her crew like Captain Picard or Will Riker did. Instead, she just had an obsession with going down with the ship.

Also let’s not forget she’s the one who got them stranded in the dang Delta quadrant to begin with!

UPDATE 07/01/2015

I also forgot that she supported the Q Continuum’s locking up of one of the Q, denying him his right to die. Only Q’s daring allowed for Q to finally die in peace. All Janeway did was stand in the way of other’s rights.

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8 thoughts on “ Captain Janeway is an Idiot

    1. So true.
      The entire story line of Voyager is based upon JANEWAY choosing what’s moral for everybody… Despite that, as a Star Fleet captain she doesn’t have that responsibility or freedom to risk other people’s lives as well as a brand spanking new ship.

  1. I have recently been watching voyager… There are times if I was part of that crew I would kill her and accept the consequences knowing full well they are better off with out her.
    She is selfish, arrogant, ignorant, hypocritical and loves to infringe on the for lack of better words “rights of others” since it seems others do not have rights in the hierarchy called Star Fleet.

    1. I swear they wrote her character so strangely… it really irritates you… you end up sitting there going “what the hell” half the time she does something. Maybe we’re all just so used to the “moral leader” captains they gave us with Picard and Sisko.

  2. Just rewatched the episode “False Profits” and I pull at my hair and scream every time she refuses to use the Barzan wormhole to go home, just so she can get those two Ferengi trolls with her back to the A quadrant.

    1. See, it’s bad writing isn’t it? It’s almost nonsensical how they made Janeway into this morality police character but ONLY when it’s convenient to continuing the show… it’s not a consistent stance like the writers had with Picard.

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