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China Makes its Own RT Inspired Media Outfit

china is making its own version of russia today! fun!
wait… i mean… sad!



Hot off the Reuters wire (just kidding nothing on the Reuters Wire is hot) is an article stating that the Chinese government will be opening up a new “soft power” media outfit… so basically… Its own RT.


China Central Television (CCTV), Beijing’s largest TV network, said it would launch a new global media platform on New Year’s Day to help re-brand China overseas.

The new multilingual operation will have six TV channels and a new media agency, the network said on its website on Friday night. Its CCTV News channel will be rebranded the China Global Television Network, it added.

China has launched a number of “soft power” initiatives to expand its influence abroad, including other English-language media outlets.


Yep. Yeah. Okay.

So literally, China’s own version of Russia Today (called “RT” now).

That’s not depressing at all…

I mean, it seems pretty damn clear that Chinese officials have seen just how effective RT has been at destroying the peace and security of other nations… and decided to copy that strategy (insert stereotypical remark about China stealing ideas from everybody).


re-brand china
lol… I’ve always felt we should use marketing terms to describe unpalatable things more…

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