Chuck Grassley versus The History Channel

the intersection of politicians and poor tv programming choices…


If you weren’t aware, Chuck Grassley is a current Senator representing Iowa.


And… he frequently gets upset that the History Channel does not in fact show any history programs anymore.


Instead, the History Channel shows sensationalist reality tv show nonsense with so little educational content it’d take the microscopes you never learned about because of the History Channel’s crap programming choices to see…


This is an issue myself and many, many, others have noted in recent years.


If we wanted to be dramatic, this would be a perfect time to say that the History Channels programming choices are just another example of civilization decaying.


If we were to be more reasonable… well, the History Channel should go ahead and change its name.

One thought on “Chuck Grassley versus The History Channel”

  1. The History Channel, Animal Planet, and Discovery are such jokes now it’s incredible… they’ve gone from educating and enlightening large swaths of humanity to being modern reality tv networks.

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