Chuck Grassley versus The History Channel Continued


I think impossible is happening on history channel. I went outside for 2hrs to trim bushes and come in for lunch and there is STILL HISTORY ON HISTORY CHANNEL. Normally it wold be pawn shop or axe men not history


Chuck Grassley, like a surprising number of people, has been pretty pissed off about the History Channel’s past decision to abandon factual historical programs and instead focus on nonsensical sensationalist TV shows like Ice Road Truckers and Axe Men.


When I was growing up the most annoying thing the History Channel did was air WWII documentaries all week straight meaning Modern Marvels wasn’t aired…


We like to think that society has only now just degraded, only now is there fake news, but we have been in a steady decline popular media wise for a decade now. Every single factual, non fictional, non sensationalist television station has completely abandoned its original programming and has solely pursued ‘trashy’ television to boost ad revenue.


Animal Planet is no longer an animal documentaries channel. It is a themed vet TV show channel.


Discovery is no longer about the discovery of anything… it is not about science. It is about Mythbusters reruns.


The History Channel does not air historical programming anymore and simply plays 12 hours of Pawn Stars in a row.


The National Geographic channel is just a mess in its entirety… now being run by Fox, it seems to have no direction, beyond the fetishization of various police forces.


This is the world we now live in… a world where you cant even put on a documentary on bees because the Discovery channel is too busy marathoning Naked and Afraid to be bothered with real science.

Kids of America, good luck learning anything, ever…


Update (7/5/2018)

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