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Color Stereotypes – The Pink Question

“pink is for girls!!!” they whined


The book is unmistakably aimed at women—the title is written in hot pink on the cover, which also features a blurb from Anna Wintour—but its few gender-specific sections aren’t pitched in the empowerment-heavy tone one might expect.


While I understand that the author of the article is saying that Ivanka’s book conforms to a stereotype rather than her actually claiming that pink is inherently gendered… I still think it’d be good to point out the general silliness here.

If you weren’t aware, pink is just a wavelength of light.

It has no gender.

Light is just part of nature… and nature does not care a single bit about you, your stereotypes, your gender, or your silliness. To think otherwise is just downright arrogant.

Do you honestly think wavelengths of light just go around looking at people’s crotches JUST TO MAKE SURE they’re gendered properly for that particular wavelength??? Hell no.


So maybe stop judging people and things by the stereotypes of color.



Also wtf??????????

“Gosh, I sound like my father, don’t I? But that’s what you get from this particular daddy’s girl.”
– Ivanka Trump


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