Damien Hirst Fookin with Yolandi (Not Really)

zef_alienDAMIEN HIRST – Fuck Boy or Scam Artist :You decide?
by @prawn_star
So one day this guy called Damien Hirst hits Ninja up out the blue and tells him that he made a sculpture of his girlfriend and ‘used’ my hair. Damien then asked Ninja if we are ok with this?
At first I thought it was a bit weird, like a sculpture of his girlfriend with my hair??? Ninja was also not really that comfortable with it because Ninja created my hairstyle an he regards it as his favorite art piece he has ever created.
But because Damien was innitially respectful by asking us first, I told Ninja that Damien can use my hairstyle if he credits me. I didnt want money although I knew this artpiece would sell for ALOT of money… all I wanted was a credit.
Ninja then phoned Damien to discuss this situation and Damien said that he will call the sculpture: ASPECT OF KATIE ISHTAR YO-LANDI
Damien also offered to make me and Ninja a spin painting (whatever that is) of Die Antwoord as a gift for letting him use an aspect of our art in his art.
This sounded cool and we left it at that.

So few days ago, Damiens sculpture is unveiled at his show in Venice Italy, and it seems that Damien decided to not credit me.
He also forgot to send us that spin painting thing, which we dont fukn want anyway, but whatever…
To be honest I dont care that he bit my shit, we get bitten all the time and we kinda used it.
I just think Damien Hirst is a fuck boy and a liar and very possibly the ‘scam artist’ everyone makes him out to be.
In the wise words of Bob Marley: “You can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”
Fokkit, onward and upward.
🖤¥ @damienhirst #DontYouWishYourGirlFriendWasZefLikeMe

And just like that, there’s a resolution. Yolandi and Damien are now fine with each other, but the New York Times? lol

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