Donald Trump and Humanity – L O L


Let’s take a moment and look at the example Trump has given us of the state of the world we live in.


Abby D. Phillip

Trump, referencing Colin Kaepernick, says “Get that son of a bitch off the field.”
5:45 PM – 22 Sep 2017



Donald Trump represents some of the worst aspects of humanity…

A fundamental lack of respect for other humans.

“just grab them by the pussy”


Reveling in violence and childish conceptions of strength.



Over and over again people wonder how anybody can support Donald Trump as he continues to be so horrible.



This is due to a misunderstanding about the nature of humanity.



People continue to support Donald Trump because they enjoy what he’s doing, they’d do the same or worse if they could, and they simply like being part of a group (us versus them thinking).


People enjoy cruelty.
People enjoy hurting others.
People enjoy killing.
People enjoy forcing others to do what they want.


That is fact.


And you need to understand that your inability to imagine somebody enjoying terrible things… does not change the fact that they do.


So when Donald Trump & Gang go out and hurt people… Stop being surprised when people are okay with it.


There is always somebody out there cheering on violence, hatred, the most disgusting aspects of humanity. There always will be.



Update (10/01/2017) – Donald Trump apparently has never been a particularly good human…


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