Donald Trump & Puerto Rico – L O L


Donald Trump just cannot stop blurting things out on twitter… and people cannot stop being surprised that the President just blurts stuff out… as if he hasn’t done just that a million times before.


So here’s Donald Trump blurting out Puerto Rico comments:


Quite frankly, my first thought when I read those tweets was that Donald Trump sounds like he believes Puerto Rico deserved what it got… that it’s now paying the price. That’s what it sounds like.


But I think this is one of the few times we should give Trump the benefit of the doubt. It’s extremely easy to read too much into the wording of those particular tweets… and considering the fact that the man is obviously an atrocious communicator I don’t think we should let ourselves do so.


And if you weren’t aware, both the statement that Puerto Rico’s electricity grid was in extremely poor shape before the hurricanes and has been having a lot of trouble managing its finances are true. Puerto Rico has been struggling for a long time now… that struggle has been consistently ignored by congress and ignored by the American mainland.

The only interest the mainland has shown in Puerto Rico for years is in its debt… financial types absolutely loved the combination of tax-free municipal debt and the high interest rates Puerto Rico offered.

But that was the limit of anybody’s care.

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