Dystopian Fiction is Amazon’s Reality

kind of…


Sometimes you read an article about one thing and then begin thinking about another thing because the thing is very similar to the article on the thing and you’re just like… wow… thing…


SO… an article from TechCrunch…

…Old-fashioned phones have been fading away from most living rooms. But it doesn’t mean that landline phones aren’t useful. Amazon is well aware of that.

The company unveiled the Echo Show earlier this week, a $230 device with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, two powerful speakers as well as a camera and a touchscreen.

Sounds pretty straightforward… no big deal right… look at Amazon go… making all the things.


More importantly, everyone will be able to use the device, young kids and elderly people included. It’s much easier to buy an Echo Show and give it to the grandparents than explaining to them how to use a smartphone if they aren’t using one already. The Echo Show will be at the center of the living room or kitchen. It’s going to bring the family together and people are going to love this thing.

Okay now it just sounds like we’re living in a Star Trek series.


Now, with the Echo Show, Amazon is saying that you need to buy an Echo device for all your family members. The company even suggests that you should buy two devices at once (and save $100). Amazon is an infrastructure and logistics company. Before you realize it, Amazon is going to have a device in everyone’s living room

Anddddd there it is… re-read that while thinking about telescreens (from George Orwell’s 1984) and let’s see how you feel…

I tease but at the same time it’s such a small leap from new useful device to new useful device for creepy stalkers, criminals, and the government to destroy your life with… that it’s at least a little concerning.



Read the entire TechCrunch article here: https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/13/amazon-made-landline-phones-trendy-again/

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