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Editing Gone Wrong

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ON SATURDAY evening, in Durham, N.C., the artist Eaten Fish received the 2016 Courage in Cartooning Award, in a ceremony at the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists convention.

Eaten Fish, the pen name of a man otherwise known publicly only by the first name Ali, could not be at the AAEC Political Satire Fest to pick up his award. That is because he remains held in an Australian detention center in Papua New Guinea, where he has been for about three years.

From there, Ali, an Iranian refugee, draws cartoons that depict his hardships in the center. From there, Eaten Fish documents his story as a budding symbol of Australia’s larger immigration issues, as the nation keeps more than 2,000 people in its detention centers — the vast majority of them refugees. And from there, Eaten Fish tells The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs that he appreciates the new award from the Cartoonists Rights Network International (CRNI).


So fun fact!


About 20% of that article’s content is actually Editor’s notes! I’m sure that’s an appropriate amount to provide ‘balance’ to the article… right?

I mean I’d hate to have to read a personal story recounted by that very person without bland bureaucratic statements that don’t actually mean anything!!! How else would I continue pretending that nothing ever bad happens in the world!?!?!

But hey, this is from the same group of editors that rolled around in their own Pulitzer Prize cummies and then went on to say that the government should jail the very source that gave them the information for the articles that won them the prize in the first place! Fun!!!


WashPost Makes History: First Paper to Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source (After Accepting Pulitzer)


Media companies, as they are now, are a complete joke.



Update (11/13/2016) – US Might Accept Australia’s Refugees


So does this mean Eaten Fish might be coming to America?

The Obama administration had agreed to resettle refugees among almost 1,300 asylum seekers held at Australia’s expense on the island nations of Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Another 370 who came to Australia for medical treatment and then refused to return to the islands would also be eligible.


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