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Expensive Oil Paint Colors – Side by Side Comparison

more oil paint numbers to wow you… and make you fearful of the total cost at checkout…


So we’ve already rounded up three of the most expensive tubes of oil paint from 5 different brands… now let’s do a side by side of the most expensive of the most expensive! Fun!


Below is a chart of the most expensive oil paint colors from three of the highest quality, and highest charging, paint makers there are…


Old Holland – Old Holland’s most expensive tube of oil paint, Cerulean Blue Light 225ml, currently retails for $401.


Blockx – Blockx’s most expensive tube of oil paint, Aureolin 200ml, retails for about $278.


Williamsburg – Williamsburg’s most expensive tube of oil paint is Cadmium Purple 237ml and retails for about $144.


As much as I’d love to show you what the tubes and actual paint look like… I don’t currently have the $820+ needed to buy them!

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