Finding the Best Value Canvas

I’ve stumbled across some new, updated, canvas pricing which will could really help out anybody who orders their canvasses in bulk…

So the Blick Studio Canvas in the 3/4 inch size has been missing from Dick Blick’s online catalog for a little over a week now…

It seems Dick Blick, and Utrecht, are redoing their canvas brands and how they’re presented and priced on their websites.

Well, the smaller size is back and the prices for orders of 20+ canvasses are pretty dang good considering the quality.

About the Blick Studio Cotton Canvas

  • 100% cotton with a medium texture
  • Triple-primed with acid-free acrylic gesso, suitable for oil or acrylic painting
  • Weight: 7 oz pre-primed, approximately 10.5 oz post-primed
  • 3/4″ solid wood stretcher bars
  • Back-stapled to allow for frameless presentation

At these new prices, the Blick Studio canvas out-competes every other canvas I know of.

Using the 16″ x 20″ size as a yard stick…

The Blick Studio canvas when ordered at 20+ canvasses at a time is:

At these bulk prices, you could order large quantities of medium quality canvasses for the price of crappy quality canvasses. This could be a game changer for any of you who teach art classes or use a lot of canvasses in your practice.

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