First Lady Melania Trump’s New White House Portrait



After a long wait, Melania Trump has finally gotten an updated portrait for government use.


And just like with the photograph Melania has been using as her portrait on… her new portrait is very ‘fashion / glam magazine‘.

I mean can you look at those photos and honestly tell me they aren’t basically the same? I understand that it’s a White House portrait and has to be watered down creative wise… but even the outfit is very similar and that seems like one of the things that’d be easy to change even in a watered down photograph.


But hey… maybe this is Melania Trump’s new branding strategy… kind of like Steve Jobs’ black turtlenecks.


Her portrait still looks better than Trump’s though.

And at the end of the day isn’t that all that matters?


One thought on “First Lady Melania Trump’s New White House Portrait”

  1. Actually I suppose what’s important is that it’s an improvement over the last portrait of Melania… it’s twice the size, making it somewhat usable. The last photo was insanely small.

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