First Prime Time Show of Shark Week

Shark of Darkness: Submarine Returns

The first show of 2014’s shark week was a lot like 2013’s.

It starts out with a boat sinking. Over and over again you watch this boat sink. People scream. People are supposedly eaten by a “shark”.

Of course that shark isn’t real and all the footage is completely make believe.  Megalodon was a fake. The footage of Submarine was digitally created.

Once again Discovery has decided that a disclaimer in the beginning of the show that explains nothing is an appropriate way to display make believe shows that actively portray themselves as not make believe. You cannot even tell when they’re lying or when they’re actually trying to prove their point. Discovery didn’t bother to point out what was real evidence of Submarine and what was a mockup.

It’s like the Discovery Channel got stuck in the 80’s, with their obsession with sharks killing humans…

I’m sorry Discovery Channel, but our generation seem to have outgrown you.

We want to learn about sharks, see their beauty, see things we’ve never seen before… Not obsess over the remote possibility of being attacked by a shark.

It was just… so crappy I don’t even know what to tell you folks.

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