Fun News out of Germany

the Alice Weidel edition…


I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the AfD… so let me sum it up… it is a strange German political party based on extremism and what seems to be virulent xenophobia. Its history is turbulent and nonsensical. Its entire existence seems to be solely dependent on the two notions that “political correctness” is for snowflakes and that immigrants are bad.

Alice Weidel is one of the main figures in charge of the AfD and she was recently called a Nazi bitch on a tv show.


A German court on Wednesday rejected a request by a leader of the nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party for an interim injunction against the re-airing of a television program in which the moderator called her a “Nazi bitch.”

The Hamburg District Court ruled that satire was secured by the right to freedom of expression, and as a public figure, senior AfD member Alice Weidel must “put up with exaggerated criticism”, the court said in a statement.

The broadcaster NDR’s “extra 3” satire program on April 27 aired a section of Weidel’s speech to her party congress a week earlier in which she had railed against political correctness.



Germany, no friend of freedom of speech when compared with the US, finally let one go… and the one they let go was Nazi bitch.


And when that Nazi bitch is railing against millions of people fleeing war, death, starvation… it’s hard to be sympathetic.


While I do not believe Weidel is in fact a Nazi bitch, I believe people have the right to call her one if they feel like it. But don’t you find it funny how somebody against political correctness… could ask a court to be politically correct and prevent the airing of a tv show.





Note: other sites are translating the remark as "nazi slut"... but in essence it's the same as what Reuters is saying.

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