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Funny Sunday – Fisher Price Bar Playset

beer bottles included !!!


To lighten up your Sunday…. here’s a story of some Photoshop fun…


The Story

Padilla made an image of a Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset in Photoshop; the playset supposedly features a bar, stool and plastic beer bottles for kids to play with.

Padilla likes to post humorous original images on his Instagram account adam.the.creator – and this has been one of his most successful posts.

“My 21 month-old daughter gave me the idea while playing on her kitchen playset at our apartment,” Padilla told Mashable. I mentioned to my wife, Willow, that it would be hilarious if a major toy company created a bar set for toddlers.

“The next day I Photoshopped the package design and posted it on my Instagram with a caption that made it seem like it was an actual product. Many of my fellow ‘meme friends’ like black_humorist, thedailylit and highfiveexpert got a kick out of it, but it really took off the next day when someone posted it on Facebook and Reddit.”



Whom wants this for Xmas? 😭🎁

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I find it a little funny that while the media is going nuts over fake news, writing all kinds of hysterical nonsense, they all simultaneously seemed to find this fake play-set at the least interesting enough for their readers and at the most fairly humorous…

I mean… that’s just a bit rich isn’t it?

They can recognize the humor in a doctored photo but they can’t find even a sliver of it in the ridiculous stories people write-up for fakes news? I don’t get it… maybe the difference is because fake news is personally offensive to journalists who do ‘real’ news while a fake kids toy is just offensive to parents? I don’t know…


Okay anyways…


I kind of like the mashup of different artistic genres present in the Photoshopped version of a kids bar play-set… It’s part comedy, part digital art, and part photography. I think it’s a good example of how much our world has changed.

New, weird, intersections between different activities and art genres just keep popping up all the time… we’re living in this sort of ‘explosion’ of culture and art and I guess we’re not really going to see that until I’m some old fart doing a talk for future hipster art school kiddos about how memes were actually a mishmash of different cultures / artistic genres / mediums.



weird thought…

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