G-Raid: so loud you need earplugs



I am quite literally wearing earplugs at my computer right now because my G-Raid enclosures are shockingly loud…




I have two G-Raid 8TB USB 3.0 drives from two separate production runs (notice one has a badge and the other doesn’t). Both of them are perfectly quiet… until you need to do anything data intensive


The second you do, those drives whine and clack to such a crazy extent that after 30 minutes your ears are ringing. I get the distinct impression that because the enclosures are solid metal without any kind of dampening material inside the sounds made by the drives are being amplified


Yes, it may sound like I’m exaggerating… but I’m not. Anybody considering purchasing a G-Raid should probably think ahead and get as long of a USB 3.0 cable (that’s compatible, good luck, my Amazon Basics isn’t) to keep the drives as far away from them as possible.


For you self employed photographers, you just can’t not take this stuff seriously. You spend too long with your equipment to ignore its possibly damaging effects. Your health matters.


just… so loud…

2 thoughts on “G-Raid: so loud you need earplugs

  1. These things are so sh*t. They’re really, really loud. The mechanical noise from the drive is one thing, and arguably tolerable in a sort of 90s nostalgia way. But what is unbearable for me is the high-pitched coil whine of the power supply is being amplified by the G-RAID enclosure. It’s a reeeaallyy unpleasant sound. All the marketing images for these drives show them being used on a desk top. For me, they’re way to0o loud to be at desk level. What’s worse is that the supplied cable is so short it doesn’t reach the floor, so you can’t even put them on the floor. I currently have mine inside a cabinet under my desk, which muffled the noise a bit.

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