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George W Bush Embraces His Humanity


Did you know that George W Bush took up painting after he left the White House?

Now did you know that shortly after finding this out people started poking fun at his paintings?

And now, years later, did you know that George W Bush paints portraits of service members who were injured during his presidency?


It is quite clear that George Bush has grown as a person.

And that’s something we should all be proud of.

It does not matter how you feel about his presidency. What matters, just like with everybody else, is that we grow and try to be better people.

Personal growth… and personal responsibility… I can think of nothing more American.


History may not look on Bush’s presidency with kindness… but I hope they remember to mention his attempt to grow as a person.

It really isn’t easy to grow… it’s probably one of the hardest aspects of being human.

To choose to do better… be better… it takes real courage. You have to look deep within yourself, you have to challenge yourself, you have to face the darkness inside of you…


I truly hope that George W Bush continues painting and lives a good life.

May he find peace at the end of his brush.

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