There are Good Things in this World

lets help each other find them…


He calls his fellow Americans enemies.

He declares war on the media.

He obsesses over trivial things like crowd sizes while ignoring the millions who have something to say.

He fires off executive orders like a toddler.

Your President may fail you… but art wont!


There’s no reason to waste your patience, your emotions, your life on political bullsquirt 24/7. We must all find some peace, some happiness, in this world. So let me help you find some art and artists that you might like!


Do you like Digital Art?

Sarajean can teach you a thing or two about Photoshop…


I am a freelance illustrator and a designer at a small indie game company by day, and a gamer by night. You will be seeing me either painting, gaming, or just making bad jokes and embarrassing myself.

Watch me here:



Hey there, I’m Austen!

I’m a freelance illustrator and Twitch streamer. Nice to meet you! I do a lot of creative streams, Role play on TwitchRP, and survival games. Occasionally mobas, and mmos, and- oh hell, I’m variety.

I really dig cinnamon rolls, tentacles, and succulents.

Watch me here:

Like Traditional Arts? Painting?? Drawing???

Did you know that you can find all kinds of people streaming painting in oil colors, acrylics, and watercolors? There’s also drawing… and sculpting…



Rebecca Tillman-Young

Painter, illustrator and graphic artist living in LA.

Watch me here:



On Twitch Creative, you can share your unique creations live with the world!

Blog post about the Launch of Twitch Creative

We will be playing a season 4 times every Monday starting at 9PM Pacific on Sunday and running till about 9 PM Pacific on Monday.

Robert Norman “Bob” Ross was an American painter, art instructor, and television host. He was best known as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, a television program that aired on PBS in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Watch me here:


Be aware that times can change, follow on Twitter for notices of extra streams, late, or canceled Streams. <3

Mon: Creative Stream 10 pm** Central Time

Tues: Off

Wed: Creative Stream 4 pm Central Time

Thurs: Creative Stream 4 pm Central Time

Fri: Creative Stream 4 pm Central Time

Sat: Off

Sun: Off

Watch me here:


Welcome to my channel!! ~<3 My name is Gretchen. The goal of this stream is to create an authentic environment as well as encouraging. I hope you enjoy my stream, even if it’s just a little bit.

I mainly stream creative, but will occasionally play games with/for you guys!

For business inquiries please email me at:

Watch me here:


And a special mention… if you like art, hip hop culture, and humor you’ll want to see Almightysavo. A wholesome guy with a wholesome community.


Entertainer & Artist

I live in San Diego’s Ocean Beach/So. California, Love Hip-Hop, Still DJ & Write Graffiti (HENCE… Almighty Savo) • I have been fascinated by computers & have been playing video games since most people thought that computers were a quick fad & I play BOTH Console & Computer Games, Triple “A” and Indie • I have 3 sons, ALL Gamers • I have been an Entertainer/Comic for most of my life • I’ve been Painting my ENTIRE Life & FULLTIME for a Year • I Stream for a LIVING (Sept. 14th 2015) • If you have Any Questions, feel free to ask

Watch me here:


There’s food too…

You can catch Jacques Peppin, Julia Child, Walter Staib, and Graham Kerr as well as others on twitch food…

Find them here:

How about music? Do you like music?


“How do I request a song?”
Just tell me in the chat what song you would like and I’ll sing it for free if I know it ^u^

“Who is this hobo looking person I am watching.”
Hello.It is I,Peepa.I most likely just rolled out of bed and started streaming.

“When do you stream?”
Usually in the late afternoon PST when I’m able to which is usually in the least once a week.

“Can you click on this link?”
After Twitch, I have developed trust issues with links.Unless you are a trusted regular, it’s likely I won’t click on it.Stay mad.whip

“How old are you?”

Watch me here:



I am a violinist and a composer based in Los Angeles, CA. Here is a look at what I do!

I also love to jam, produce, and teach so that’s what we’ll be doing here. Thanks so much for tuning in to my stream – let’s have some fun!!

You might also recognize me from my YouTube channel!

Watch me here:



Hey! Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by my channel ✿ My name is Madeleine, but feel free to call me Maddie or drezzdie. I live in Toronto and I’m 20! I mainly stream music here, but occasionally play games too!

I play songs on guitar, ukulele, and piano! Most songs on my list are covers but I also have originals with more coming in the future!

Watch me here:



I am a classically-trained musician who put down the violin for four years and then struggled for a few years with my relationship with music when I picked my violin up again eight years ago. I started playing at 6, studied seriously at 9, and played better when I was 12 than I do now.

Watch me here:



There’s even Blacksmithing…


I’m a hobbyist blacksmith in eastern Tennessee. I’ve been forging for about 5 years now and want to share the craft with anyone interested. I’m not trying to recreate a specific era and will use power tools and technology when it makes sense for the project. I started streaming June 20th 2016. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the stream, please let me know.

Watch me here:



Most know me as Fluffy, but my name is John, I’m 29, and I’ve lately decided to start streaming a bit more. Both video games and blacksmithing will likely be streamed here. New to this, so bear with me. <3

Watch me here:


Andddd… there’s also Glassblowing.


I’m 25. My name is Toby. My glass alias is “Tobster Glass”. I’ve been blowing glass seriously for 4 years. I do this everyday and figured I may as well try streaming it while I do it. Maybe it’ll interest someone and they’ll wanna get involved in the glass scene. Please feel free to ask questions.

Watch me here:



Hello! My name is E-Jipt. I have been working with glass for 10 years! I love blowing glass and will never stop! I just started streaming on Twitch because I really enjoy the creative section and think it’s fun letting people into my workshop to learn about glass!

Watch me here:



The only person I’ve found so far who regularly does wood burning is the ridiculously talented MerryContrerry


So you have made it to the bottom of the list I see. Your dedication will be rewarded with great secrets….. I mean uh.. Hi! My name is Mary and I like to burn things. I have been doing pyrography for a year now, if you have any specific questions feel free to ask away.

Watch me here:


Diversity is all around you.

Art is all around you.

And thanks to the modern world, you no longer have to go to extreme lengths to find it.

This is just a small list of all the artists and art forms you can engage with just on twitch… I mean, think about the implications of that… think of the sheer scale of our modern art world. That gives me hope.

I hope you can find something to give you some hope too.


A note I shouldn't have to make but will because people: This article in no way reflects any streamers opinions about anything. This is informational, not political.

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