Orange colored banner with a zombie hand and pumpkin with text "Happy Halloween"

Happy Halloween to You All

*spooky noises*


Another Halloween is upon us…


I hope you’re prepared for an onslaught of inane news site articles on rumored crime, clowns, how overweight kids are terrible and should be given melon balls, the countless calorie counting articles, and the ‘pervert alert’ articles demonizing random people who act a little differently.


While some people always go overboard and make Halloween about their crusade of the week and obsess how everybody is evil and terrible and nobody should ever do anything for any reason unless they personally say it’s okay… despite having to endure those people… I have always felt that Halloween is one of America’s greatest holidays.


Halloween is one of our most community driven holidays. Literally millions of people go out with their neighbors, their community, and engage in a night of fun. There are no religious overtones, everybody can participate, and people get to indulge in some of their favorite characters. Food, friends, and fun…

And in a world where ‘community‘ has gone from having relationships with everybody from your butcher to your brother… to a world where your local ‘community‘ can only be found in a handful of places like a religious organization or a tiring PTA meeting… I think a holiday that brings local communities together in a positive way should be celebrated for that.


So I guess what I’m trying to say is… go out there, dress up, make some yummy food, see your neighbors, go party with your friends, enjoy yourselves.


And while you will hear people go on and on about a few negative things involving Halloween… I don’t think we should ever let that dissuade us from enjoying the holiday.


Happy Halloween my friends…



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