How Eden Brother’s Coupons Work

Alright, let’s talk coupons.

So Eden Brother’s is a pretty nice website for buying seed. They have a pretty big variety, in large quantities if you’d like (even larger if you use the bulk seed store which is owned by the same company as Eden Brothers), and prices are okay… a bit high but okay with a 20% off coupon.

But the thing is Eden Brothers generally does not offer percent off coupons that apply to everything on a regular basis.

Instead they often offer percent off coupons for specific categories like herbs, wildflower mixes, or vegetables that exclude other categories. 

Or… they offer free shipping coupons. Free shipping coupons only have value to you if you are ordering under the $79 Eden requires to qualify for free shipping. Otherwise you are using a free shipping coupon to get free shipping… on an order that you already get free shipping on…

The point is when it comes to Eden Brothers, to maximize the value you get, you need to figure out your order before placing it… divide it into groupings, and then place your orders as the coupons for those groups show up in your inbox.

A general coupon offers a lot of value to you and Eden Brothers knows it.

By breaking their coupons up into categories they’re hoping you’ll place an order that only has a few discounted items while having a bunch of other fully priced seed packages in it. In essence, your 20% off veggies coupon could become a 3% off coupon because you also purchased flower seeds at the same time.

Y’all need to pay attention.

Everyone is out there trying to extract as much money from you all the time regardless.

Eden Brother’s offers nice clean seeds, quick shipping, and good service. But they still want as much as they can get.

That’s just how it is.

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