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I Hate Ross Geller Part 1

And why you should hate Ross Geller too.

  1. He has a newsletter called the “Geller Yeller”. Screw you Ross.
  2. In Season 7 Episode 19 Ross tries to fuck his cousin, stating “I haven’t had sex in a very long time”
  3. Rachel says she has kissed a girl before, Ross says “so that’s two of my wives”. Because everything is about him and his insecurities.
  4. He’s dishonest.
  5. “We were on a break”. Ross chose to have sex with the copy girl whom he barely knew instead of addressing his feelings. Ross rarely addresses any of his feelings in an appropriate manner. Maybe because he was a spoiled, first born, child.
  6. Ross’s anger issues. Hope y’all like yelling! I’d hate to be a lady in a relationship with him and have to deal with his yelling about everything. Again, he can’t seem to address his feelings in an appropriate manner.
  7. Ross was/is a spoiled brat, leaving Monica alone and mercilessly teased. Ross barely ever acknowledges this or shows remorse.

Ross Geller is a terrible person, and character, and is just… so… crappy…

3 thoughts on “I Hate Ross Geller Part 1”

  1. Ross geller also dated one of his college students. This character is the worst.
    Yelling, cheating, abuse of power.

  2. He is also a baby about naming the child. Veto my ass! Rachel should have slapped him many, many times. I can hardly watch the show anymore without feeling a burning hate. I know it is a character, but it is a terrible character. So manuipulative.

    1. Ross is just so shitty… Honestly I feel the same. Every time he opens his mouth on the show I instantly now its just going to be another stupid entitled comment.
      He’s just such a terrible character.

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