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ImageKind was once one of the most affordable and ultimately best places to get framed art prints of your photography. You could pick out a nice frame and a wonderful paper and get prints in large sizes all for an affordable rate compared to going to a framer or even framing yourself. I had positive experience after positive experience.

But now? It’s dead. The website is riddled with so many errors it’s impossible to use.

Resetting your password does not work.

Maintaining a signed in status does not work.

Viewing your own images for purchase without markup does not work.

Viewing your uploaded images at all sometimes doesn’t even work.

Nothing works!

Oh and they deleted my original account without notice. I’m guessing their notification system was also not working and they just never bothered to fix it.

I do not know how anybody is accessing the website and buying anything…

ImageKind is basically a dead website. It is non-functional. It needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the bottom up to fix all these problems. It’s just such a disappointment to see a valuable service turn into trash.

Update: some issues have been resolved and the site is more useable. However its user interface remains outdated and is more difficult to use than necessary. The website has not had a substantial update in like 10 years? Something like that. Anyways the paper, framing, and printing are good, the actual website is not.

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  1. I have also LOVED Imagekind for more than a decade, but the website issues are really getting me down. Especially when I am on a deadline. The website has been completely down for the past three days. It’s a bummer because I have lots of imagery collated and stored at Imagekind and I really appreciated the ease of selecting my images and getting them printed and shipped in such a straightforward way. They also always do really good work with the prints! The website issues have been going on so long now, I’m worried they will never recover. Do you have any suggestions of other places to go for similar quality, shipping, and cost?

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