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James Woods and the Supposed Russian Propaganda Machine

i don’t know what’s happening here but it is weird… james woods is weird… 


So there I was minding my own business on the twitter when I came across a man, who I happen to find repugnant, tweeting what to me looked like complete bullsquirt… so off I went to explore this wonderful world of ours and see whats what.

So bear with me as I take you step by step through the personal hell of spam / trolls / nonsense that I discovered…

The Tweet I’m Talking About Concerning the WSJ

James Woods is promoting the idea that the media is biased and that Donald Trump’s criticisms of the media are completely fair… because a WSJ article had two separate headlines…

Well folks here’s the problem… actually debunked the claim that the Wall Street Journal printed two different headlines out of bias back on September 2nd 2016.

CLAIM: The Wall Street Journal ran a Donald Trump story with different headlines in different markets in order to sway voters.



WHAT’S TRUE: An image showing two editions of the same day’s Wall Street Journal with opposing headlines about Donald Trump’s immigration stance is real.

WHAT’S FALSE: The Wall Street Journal did not publish different headlines in different markets in order to sway voters away from Trump.

Continue reading here:

I mean, it’s pretty straightforward. The Wall Street Journal updated its story / headline as the day (and Trump’s meeting) progressed. The papers were two different prints runs with adjustments to help disseminate factual news. Time is linear, things change, and those changes are recorded. It’s not difficult to understand.


Well for some people it is…

Some poor person thought that they could help others understand and stop the spread of the half truth that James Woods was tweeting by explaining how newspapers actually work…


As you can see, the person was quickly jumped on by what appear to be trolls totally real AMERICAN people.

lol facts what R that


The Story Continues – James Woods Still Seemingly Confused

Even after apparently learning that had found what he tweeted to be mostly false… James Woods seemingly continued to misunderstand how newspapers and the real world works. is indeed owned by some guy in California. That is true. But it has nothing to do with anything.
The man who owns it is an independent voter (if you were thinking to generalize all of California as “libtards”).
And you can actually read about it here: .
It is amazing the things you can learn by reading.


Back to those trolls though…

Didn’t those accounts attacking that fellow seem odd to you? They certainly did to me. After looking through James Woods’ twitter I’ve come across dozens of mysterious accounts that almost literally retweet every single thing he and Donald Trump say and nothing else.

That is suspicious as hell.

So over and over again I tried to find some kind of basis in reality for these accounts and over and over again I couldn’t find anything that said they exist… that these are real people who just REALLY REALLY like only two people and spend hours a day tweeting about them. All of their accounts could in theory be real people who’ve never made a Facebook account or ever made a comment or post a picture anywhere… it’s plausible.

But here’s the thing… that is exactly the point. Plausible deniability.

Everything about these mysterious accounts is completely unproveable with the information we have access to. All I can say is that the accounts that continually appear in the comments and retweets of James Woods twitter account are weird and seem to have motivations beyond “normal person making comments on twitter“.

To me, those accounts smell like Russian trolls. Paid Russian trolls sitting in a Russian troll factory perverting truth all day long. But I cannot say I know that.

To me, that seems like the whole point. While they hide in anonymity and are given the benefit of the doubt by normal people… who assume that they’re just normal people too… you don’t question them. You question me (and everybody else who talks about them).

So we never get anywhere… never learn anything.

So we can only speculate as to why these mysterious twitter trolls retweet and give positive attention to James Woods so obsessively…

Now why don’t we take a moment to look at just one of the accounts that obsessively retweets James Woods… as sort of an example of the suspicious, torllish, behavior I’m talking about.


monkey dragon 88…

The monkey dragon88 account almost solely retweets specific political figures that support (or are) Donald Trump…


Not very subtle is it?

Every single thing this person does is related to Donald Trump. Seemingly everything that they do is aimed at promoting Trumpkins and their world view. It is an echo chamber.

And when you delve deeper into that echo chamber… all you find is the same sound (naturally).

The people who follow this person are just as  suspicious and single minded as he is. Everything is Trump. Everything is about promoting the same world view.

So that’s who follows him… but what about the people he follows? Well you know what… he follows everybody you’d expect a troll sitting in a warehouse in Russia to follow…

It is again all about promoting Donald Trump and anything to do with Donald Trump.

And I will say it again so the boobs won’t harass me, no I do not know that these accounts are just a bunch of trolls. What I do know is that these accounts are suspicious as hell and deserve comment. We should be noticing these things and asking questions… not just making assumptions that everything is real and valid.


The fun doesn’t stop with Russian trolls… There’s spam too…

The fun doesn’t stop with those suspicious accounts I mentioned above when it comes to the replies to James Woods tweets!

There are even “Make America Great Again” accounts hawking mugs in the replies section of James Woods twitter.

Now to me, it clearly looks like two spam accounts trying to create the illusion of people purchasing the mug (so you’ll want one too!) and then creating the illusion of trustworthiness (order confirmation, everything must be legit!).

That account talking to the other account about ordering a mug? Yeah that’s her twitter… filled with the same picture of the same mug with the same wording.

Oh but let’s not forget the other account! We’ve got Linda from Oklahoma over here!

And despite having what looks like a real bio written in proper english… it’s just another spam account hawking mugs and promoting Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and money are apparently inseparable… what’s separable is you and your money… apparently…


Which lead me to ask… who owns

Okay so we’re really down the rabbit hole now and frankly nothing about James Woods actually matters… so let’s keep questioning.

Who the heck is this people and their spam / troll legion???


Uh… somebody in Punjab???

The registrants phone number is a Pakistani number, the email used in the registration is apparently used by some kind of spammy graphic designer in Pakistan, and that’s really about it…

All digital roads lead to some fellow who goes by the username d3sign3r.


He even has a personal website! Let’s find out who this person is!!!


And our digital road has ended… for now. That’s the end of our story. James Woods has some really suspicious followers and somebody in Pakistan seems to be making a quick buck by promoting to Trump’s supporters.


The End

I hope you now understand why the replies to James Woods’ tweet caught my attention…

Now that you’ve come down the rabbit hole with me do you understand??? Everything about this is weird and complete bullshit. 



Oh and fun fact, James Woods celebrated a mans death. And no, not in the “I’m happy Hitler is dead” kind of way… in the “I am celebrating a mans death because he said something about me I don’t like” kind of way.

Read about it here…

Confirmed Horrible Person James Woods Continues Being Horrible In ‘Winning’ Awful Lawsuit To Unmask Deceased Online Critic

So… Hollywood actor James Woods continues to make it clear that he’s a complete and total asshole. As you may or may not recall, last year, Woods sued an anonymous Twitter user who went by the name Abe List, for mocking Woods on twitter. Specifically, List called Woods “clownboy” and later tweeted: “cocaine addict James Woods still sniffing and spouting.” Woods sued Abe List claiming that the “cocaine addict” statement was defamatory, and (the important part) demanding the name and identity of Abe List. The fact that Woods, himself, has a long (long, long, long) history of spouting off similarly incendiary claims to people on Twitter apparently wasn’t important…

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Abe Doe’s Lawyer’s Post on Abe’s Passing

RIP Abe Doe

Abe Doe wasn’t afraid to tell me when he thought I was full of shit.

You may know lots of people like that, but in a client, it’s relatively rare. Clients are often terrified and usually nervous about annoying their lawyers, and it can take years to get one to really open up. Not Abe.

I had the privilege of representing Abe when he was sued for an insulting tweet. From the start he wasn’t afraid to make it clear what he thought of “libertytarians” (as he delighted in calling us) and in cheerfully bashing whatever I had written about recently. His openness about this was such that I was even comfortable giving back as good as I got, which I rarely do with clients. So, as Abe proceeded through the stressful and oppressive course of litigation, we traded barbs over our respective viewpoints. He was extraordinarily literate and inventive and nobody’s pushover opponent in an argument. Beneath Abe’s acerbic wit was a passion about issues and people, a dogged sense of right and wrong, and a contempt for bullies. We agreed about very little, but I grew to look forward to our exchanges and became quite fond of him. Combined with the fact that he was in the right and the case against him was contemptible thuggery, that made representing him a pleasure.

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