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Jurassic Park 5 – What’s Next?

Will there be a fifth movie? What will it be about? Will Chris Pratt be in it?

My strong bet is there will be a fifth Jurassic Park movie, based on the Dr Henry and Hoskin side project plot line, and it will include Chris Pratt. (Chris Pratt has allegedly signed up to do more Jurassic Park movies but you really never know with Hollywood)

The fifth Jurassic Park will most likely not involve much of the actual park at all this time around. We’ve already had two movies with the same basic plot line of “dino park gone wrong”. There’s now way the owners of Jurassic World would go for another nearly identical movie. They will want something different, but with the same star studded cast to attract a big audience.

My bet is that they will follow the story line we got a hint of with Dr. Henry and Hoskins, the whole military genetic dino-research that InGen was doing… It seems that Indominus-Rex itself was meant to have military applications. We might see another antagonist super dinosaur in Jurassic Park 5.

We’ll probably see Chris Pratt and his dino-squad stumble across, or hear about, a secret InGen facility on another one of the islands. They will then try to shut the lab down because obviously using dinosaurs for military applications is quite wrong.

I don’t think we’ll see the kids again since it would require an elaborate plot lot to get them involved contextually.

And since most of the star studded cast died in Jurassic World, we’ll probably get a whole new crop of guest appearances from famous actors.

Who knows though, the studios will keep their cards close for a little while here. They want the attention to be on Jurassic World right now so they can make $$$. After the fervor for Jurassic World dies down we’ll likely hear more details about Jurassic Park 5 (and naturally the popular media will act shocked and amazed that there will be another Jurassic Park movie and omg Chris Pratt will be in it what a hunk).

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