Librarians Against Kids Books!!!

l o l… life is a joke…


Here we are… in the grand modern world… so advanced, so wonderful, so forward thinking… everything humanity does is brilliant.




Life is a joke and America is legitimately arguing over a librarian who was silly and rejected Melania Trump’s donation of kids books. This is the reality of our world.



“…Dr Seuss is a bit of a cliche, a tired and worn ambassador of children’s literature.”


My god.


I’ll tell you what, nobody said you personally have to enjoy Dr Seuss. But that does not change the fact that Dr Seuss is a fundamental part of our culture, his books are in high demand, are timeless, and so make a perfect addition to libraries.


The people claiming that Dr Seuss is racist and all of his books should be avoided is absurd. And even if you do believe that some of his characters are racist depictions of people… I would remind you of the messages Dr Seuss has definitively given kids… messages of kindness, environmentalism, and acceptance of those different from you for generations.


I would also like to remind you that people do in fact grow over time. Exposure to life and its horrors can make even the most privileged and oblivious individuals become compassionate and aware. An author’s, or an artist’s, later works generally differ wildly from the first things they made. Why? Growth.


I mean really, sometimes I get the impression that people criticize simply to criticize… They seem to do it without any thought… Any comprehension. The thought-line seems to be permanently stuck on ‘Melania is a Trump and therefore everything she does is evil regardless’. Because you know… the world is black and white. People I don’t like can’t do good things because I don’t like them.


Us versus Them® thinking will be humanity’s undoing.

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