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I must say, Cameron’s hostility towards Christians is really an unnecessary part of a history podcast that doesn’t really include any historical incidents with Christians yet.

Obnoxious? Yes.

Can you still get some nuggets of information? Yes.

Do I suspect that some of the positive reviews on iTunes are fake? Definitely.

But even so, The Life of Caesar podcast might be something you want to try listening to.

2 thoughts on “Life of Caesar”

  1. Bill,

    1. I’m not hostile towards Christians. I also don’t think Christianity is or should be above criticism. However when Christians get upset about me criticising their religion, I can lose my temper.

    2. Christianity has been around for ~2000 years and yet you think it doesn’t belong in a history podcast? How come?

    3. The iTunes reviews definitely aren’t fake. Well, at least not as far as I know.

    Cameron Reilly
    Life Of Caesar Podcast

    1. 1. I can see that. I think that may be what bothers people though.

      2. I don’t think it belongs in so many episodes of a podcast on Julius Caesar… It feels like it’s off topic because it generally isn’t relevant to the conversations you two were having. Especially in the beginning episodes.

      3. I don’t know either. It’s just those beginning reviews. They sound… cheesy…

      But I’ll tell you what, Life of Caesar has definitely improved episode by episode.
      I do and have recommended Life of Caesar to anybody who wants a history podcast but not one that’ll put them to sleep.

      Suggestion, continue your Caesar podcast with Augustus Caesar! His early life was adventure filled and the Pax Romana (Pax Augusta) is fascinating.

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