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Media Bias – A Bullsquirt Idea

how incredibly offensive… the fact that american politicians apparently have never read the constitution is pretty disgusting… rep kevin cramer can suck a big one…



This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the issues at play. I often discuss media bias… but I do not do it from a perspective of ‘oh well you said that one thing I don’t like about the person I do like instead of attacking the person I dislike‘.


I discuss bias at Pink Ink from the perspective of hypocrisy and ethics.


And there is a huge difference between challenging journalists because they claim to be behaving ethically when they really aren’t and whining because journalists are not putting forth your personal narrative.


But do you know what the real issue is here?


The first amendment guarantees that an individual can be ‘biased‘ and write all kinds of ‘biased‘ things. That is your absolute right as an American citizen.


Nobody has any right to ever suggest otherwise.


We are all free to write whatever stupid crap we’d like… just like we’re all free to write articles like mine that challenge media company’s narratives.




If you aren’t aware, unlike in some countries, media companies really do not get special privileges that can be taken away in the United States. Media companies all have the same right to free speech as any individual American.




Because a company is merely an organization of people.


And because people have rights… that organization has the same rights.


To take away an organizations rights would be to take away an individuals rights.. which as I’m sure you know is wildly unconstitutional.


While there are some more complex interactions between speech / media companies at a State level and there are also things like broadcast rules and such… there is still no obligation for ‘the media’ to be free of bias.



You North Dakotan’s need to get your shit together.

Rep. Kevin Cramer represents North Dakota in the House of Representatives…

North Dakota is of course also home to the police who just the other day shot a reporter with rubber bullets while she peacefully interviewed a man at the Standing Rock protestsand also the Prosecutor Ladd Erickson who tried to lock a journalist up because she did not write in a way that he liked.

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