Media Flabbergasted by Being Left Out by Trump? Or Something?

Huh… well… so… time to talk about Trump.

Defying the usual presidential press protocols, Trump has twice in the past week ditched the pool of reporters who follow him in public. The latest incident occurred Tuesday night, when reporters were led to believe by his staff that he had retired for the night — only to learn that he was at dinner with his family at a restaurant in New York.

Trump has not held a news conference since the election and has not designated a surrogate to brief reporters on his transition. This has left journalists in the dark about key appointments and other developments with his new administration.

The cold shoulder has renewed a nagging question for reporters: Will President-elect Trump’s behavior be a preview of his approach, or perhaps non-approach, to his relations with the news media when he takes office?



Maybe it’s just me… but I think it’s acceptable for a person to spend private time with his own family. 


I understand people’s concerns that journalists need to be kept with him to ‘record history’… but the thought that a person should always have journalists with him every place he goes in public is insane.

The thought that a President should sacrifice EVERYTHING to be President is absurd… everybody needs some privacy, everybody needs to be with their family, everybody needs private and intimate time, and I really don’t think anybody should be judged for that. A President just gets less of those things… not absolutely none of them… you know?


I think Trump should get the benefit of the doubt on this one. Media companies should probably not cry wolf before more important things have even occurred… cry wolf when he leaves journalists behind and does something weird like go ice fishing with a half-naked Putin… not when he’s having family time…


Maybe journalists are bothered about this because they’re irrationally afraid of the precedent… afraid of the future with Trump…

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