Image of a a tuna with a mermaids spear through it.

Mermaids: The Body Found Part II

Mermaids: The Body Found is completely and utterly fake.

Animal Planet again has fooled you with another mockumentary. Pissed yet?

Let me start off by saying this mockumentary is completely fake. It is not even loosely based on some scientific facts like the more recent The Cannibal in the Jungle.

Mermaids: The Body Found aired in 2012 on Animal Planet and later on Discovery…

In 2004, when marine biologist Dr Brian McCormick (Sean C. Michael) stumbled across a recording of mysterious underwater sounds, he launched a scientific investigation to uncover the creature responsible. In search of conclusive proof, he and his research team are called out to an unusual whale stranding in South Africa. Here they find the part digested remains of an animal none of them can identify. As each of its body parts is autopsied, they provide new pieces of the puzzle. As the picture builds, McCormick is drawn to an astonishing conclusion: this new marine creature is related to humans. This two-hour special combines beautiful CGI animation, real natural history, a thrilling contemporary conspiracy theory and a race against time to unveil an ancient secret before it’s too late.Written by Film Fan

Okay so……….

“beautiful CGI animation, real natural history, a thrilling contemporary conspiracy theory”

I feel like somebody at Animal Planet wrote this. There’s your conspiracy theory. The CGI is definitely not beautiful, the natural history is not real, and thrilling my left buttocks!!!

And all those scientists and researchers in Mermaids: The Body Found?! ACTORS. Dr Paul Robertson, the “lead scientist”… actor Andre Weideman. Dr Brian McCormic from NOAA, actor Sean Cameron Michael. Rebbeca Davis the “field biologist”, actually actress Helen Johns. Dr Rodney Webster, actor Jason Cope.

NOAA, which is a real federal agency, not involved in this show at all.

The US Navy does not have a mermaid.

And those mermaid spears supposedly found in fish in the mid Baltic and Bornholm Basin (both areas of the Baltic Sea)? They look photoshopped to me…

There are no mermaids, no mermaid spears turning up in the Baltic Sea, Animal Planet was lying, the facts in Mermaids: The Body Found are not facts, it is just one big pile of crap.

But do not feel bad for being fooled! Mermaids: The Body Found presented itself in such a way that you were lured into thinking that these scientists were real, the show was real, and everything was well researched. They did not make a statement in the beginning of the show that it was in fact fictional.

This mockumentary from Animal Planet was a bit over the line in its sensational nature and very poor communication that it was fictional. You can see the styling from Mermaids: The Body Found in the newer mockumentary The Cannibal in the Jungle. I suppose Animal Planet is improving on their mockumentary making skills. I guess I’ll be writing more “THIS IS NOT TRUE” articles in the future!



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